Cheered by a warm sun and crisp autumn air, visitors crowded to the dozens of exhibits in the GreenEXPO on Sunday, October 20. Children added their own voices to the 350Mass banner, climbed into the Olin College electric race car, saw how water pollution works, and made pine cone bird feeders. Grown ups test drove electric cars, tried out e-bikes, pledged to take climate action, signed up for solar panel installation estimates and home energy assessments.

It was a good day to see how many options we have now to take climate action and how, with individual and collective will, we can change the course of the climate crisis. We have the tools, we just need to use them!


GN president Marcia Cooper painted this portrait of climate activist to inspire others. Photo by JoanaCanedo

Newton South Farm Club brought an array of gourmet veggies. Photo by Joana Canedo

Leslie Zebrowitz talked to visitors about her experience as an EV owner. Photo by Sunwoo Kahng

Kids try out the Olin Electric Motor Sports Team’s all electric race car.

MWRA’s mobile drinking fountain provided a fresh alternative to bottled water at the GreenEXPO. Photo by Sunwoo Kahng

Students for a Greener World volunteers at work. Photo by Joana Canedo

Newton Community Farm was one of 40 booths at the event. Photo by Ken Mallory

(Headline photo by Marcia Cooper)