As the visionary force and founder of Green Newton, Louise Bruyn brought together local environmental activists in 1990 to form the Green Decade/Newton (eventually renamed Green Newton) to work on global warming issues and the protection of our natural resources.

Louise Bruyn’s longtime activism is a model to all. In 1971, she walked from Newton to Washington, DC to protest the Vietnam War and her journey is recorded in her must-read book She Walked for All of Us. She has been a community leader, who also spent much of her time working on peace and justice issues.

Louise thoughtfully devoted several years to serve as Green Newton’s first president from 1990 to 2000, minus a one-year respite, as co-editor of the Green News for 19 years. Under her inspiring leadership, our organization made a significant difference in our community by educating and motivating hundreds of residents to work with our organization to make steady progress on environmental protections and conservation.

The Bruyn Fund was established in honor of Louise to encourage and reward Newton students and teachers who identify and investigate solutions to environmental problems. Over the years, the Bruyn Fund has made several contributions that have been used to support environmental projects in Newton schools.

To contribute to the Bruyn Fund, go to the ‘Donate’ page, select ‘Honor’ and enter ‘Bruyn Fund’ for the name of the person to honor. Contributions are fully tax-deductible.

Thank you.