Green Newton has endorsed The People’s House Campaign because we understand the importance of advocating for our state representatives to sign onto pro-transparency amendments for the Massachusetts House Rules Vote in July 2021. Our group supports legislation for committee votes to be made public, and more time for state legislators and the public to read laws before they are voted on, and term limits to be reinstated for the House Speaker.

Massachusetts is in the minority of states with private committee votes; we have received an “F” in Open Legislation by the organization Open States and a “D+” in accountability and transparency from The Center for Public Integrity. These common sense reforms have held back important legislation such as climate laws and same day voter registration. Additionally, over 90% of voters in Newton and in 16 other districts statewide voted in favor of public committee votes when it was a ballot question in November 2020.

We encourage citizens to visit The People’s House Campaign  and sign up for to help with text banking and rallies.