Members of Green Newton join many others in our community with gratitude toward Mayor Fuller for her decision to include 80% New England Class 1 (without biomass!) renewable content in the standard option of the next Newton Power Choice contract. (See her message below.) We are also glad that the City is increasing the renewable content of our municipal electricity contract and hope we can accelerate the transition to 100% by 2025.

Mayor Fuller’s decision is mindful of our youth, who have the most to gain when we address the climate crisis. Prior to the Mayor’s decision, over 400 Newton residents signed a letter of support co-authored by Green Newton, 350 Mass, Newton, Mothers Out Front Newton, Newton EV Task Force, FUUSN Climate Task Force and Engine 6 for 100% renewable energy in the standard option of our next Newton Power Choice contract. We are ready to do all we can as a community to ‘green’ our grid to rapidly transition off fossil fuels to achieve the goals of Newton’s Climate Action Plan. We must rethink our lives to address the climate crisis now.

The Mayor and her staff deserve much credit for setting a new standard for renewable energy in our state in 2021. Newton residents can make a greater impact if you opt up to 100% renewable electricity in Newton Power Choice. Please go to or call 1-833-272-9592 to opt up to 100% renewable electricity.


Mayor Fuller 80% message NPC