The Environmental League of Massachusetts’ (ELM) report card evaluates our Governor’s environmental commitments and accomplishments. ELM notes: “though there is some progress around climate change and resiliency, a lack of leadership and much needed action means, for the third year in a row, the state gets a C on environmental issues.”

ELM says that “progress is hindered by a lack of funding and staffing at the environmental agencies. The Governor has an obligation to find the funds or begin
a public dialogue about ways to raise those funds to: reduce waste; protect disadvantaged communities from environmental burdens; sustainably manage our water resources; maintain our parks; protect the public from toxic substances.”

They go on: “aside from some good policy decisions, in almost every decision related to the electricity market or utility regulation, it seems that the utilities have had a significant influence. This has left consumers and the environment less protected. The Governor should ask businesses: ‘how can the state help to shape your business to meet our mandates to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions?’ He must emphasize that the Commonwealth will phase out fossil fuels by 2050 to achieve a clean energy future.”