Good On You was founded in Australia in 2015 as both a website and as an app. The purpose of the app is to give consumers information about clothing brands in order to help them make more ethical, environmentally conscious, and sustainable decisions when shopping. The app is easy to

download and easy to use. The site features hundreds of brands and every user is sure to find one they are looking for.

A screenshot of the homepage of the app is shown to the left. Users can search for brands or simply read the featured articles on the homepage. The brands on the site are ranked as “We avoid,” “Not good enough,” “It’s a start,” “Good,” and “Great.” For example, a brand like Patagonia is rated “Good” while a brand like Forever 21 is rated “We avoid.”

The brands are rated on several factors: People (workers), Planet, and Animals. Good On You believes that brands should be as transparent as possible about their materials, working conditions, and general operations. The site also considers whether or not the clothing brands are taking positive steps to support environmental awareness or sustainability.

Shopping sustainably is just one small way that consumers can help to reduce waste, carbon emissions, impacts on water, and energy use in their everyday lives, and Good on You is a great starting point.

Emmy Tolsdolf graduated from Boston College June 2021 and interned in the fall for New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) as a policy analyst. She is currently working as an intern for Green Newton through a grant from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC).

Image Source: Good On You