Last year, artist and Green Newton volunteer Andrew Breithaupt built the Climate Kiosk, an interactive sculpture meant to help Newton residents learn actions they can take to make our city a cleaner and better place to live. It was built using leftover construction materials, giving these otherwise discarded materials new life. The structure stood in front of the Newton Free Library for much of the year and then most recently on the Newton Center Common along Center Street, where parents and children would play tic-tac-toe and rotate the various blocks to read the information on them. The project proved very successful in generating interest and fostering discussion on taking climate action.

Now, the Climate Kiosk has a new cousin! Meet the Good Health Kiosk (pictured below), commissioned by the Zhu┬áCenter for Global Cancer Prevention at the Harvard School of Public Health and created by Andrew Breithaupt. This structure was built from reclaimed materials–decommissioned Harvard dorm desks–a commodity typically difficult to re-home. The goal of this kiosk is to provide information to empower people around behaviors they can take to reduce their risk of cancer (diet, sun protection, exercise, etc.), and the plan is to send this kiosk on a journey around Massachusetts and beyond.

You can watch the video of the sculpture being built.

The Good Health kiosk was made from discarded Harvard desks. Photo by Kent Dayton.


Artist Andrew Breithaupt and GN President Marcia Cooper stand next to the Climate Kiosk.