Get a MassSave Energy Upgrade and Win a Cabot’s Gift Card!   

This is for residents who have had a No-Cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment and want to take advantage of insulation and weatherization improvements that are subsidized by the utility at 75% off up to $2,000, and the no-cost offer (up to 12 hours) for air sealing drafty spaces.

In addition to discounts on products and labor, eligible residents can obtain zero percent financing and up to $3,000 in rebates for replacing old boiler, furnace or air conditioning systems. Homeowners who participate in any one of these offerings will be contributing to our goal of 1,000 energy efficiency upgrades.

Please visit to schedule a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment (if you haven’t had one in two years) or MassSave Energy Upgrade today! Questions: call 781-436-2639 or email [email protected].