The City of Newton has partnered with Black Earth Compost to offer weekly household curbside food waste collection service that will turn those vegetable peels, bones, shells and other scraps back into dirt that can grow more food instead of being tossed as trash.

Newton now has funds from the US Environmental Protection Agency to pay for a starter kit for new subscribers to Black Earth Compost curbside food waste collection service. This is a savings of up to $39 for new customers! A starter kit includes a bin (4-gallon or 13-gallon) and 2 rolls of compostable bags (1, 2.5- gallon and 1, 20-gallon) for collecting food waste for pick-up on the curb by Black Earth Compost. Residents have a choice of 4 different pick-up plans. The cost of service is as low as $2.31 per pick-up.

Sign up on the Black Earth Compost website. Savings will be automatically applied to all new subscriptions in Newton.

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