Do you know that you can get a free energy assessment for your business?

Joe Prestejohn, owner of Cabot’s Ice Cream in Newtonville, got an energy assessment for his restaurant and said, “Through the Mass Save program, Eversource’s designated vendor came into Cabot’s and found many cost-saving opportunities for us including energy-efficient lighting recommendations.

In addition to installing all LED energy-saving lighting throughout the interior and in our exterior sign, they replaced our walk-in cooler fan motors and installed a control unit that will save us a great deal of refrigeration energy long term. They helped us with savings on natural gas with new low-flow faucet aerators and kitchen pre-rinse spray valves. Through generous subsidies and interest-free financing from Eversource, our project is saving us more than $6,500 each year in energy bills.”



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No-Cost Energy Assessment

As of January, 2019, AECom will be the Eversource-selected vendor for small businesses in Newton, and those interested in an energy assessment should contact AECom’s Irene Petruzzelli at 617-371-4512.

Small businesses who have been working with World Energy Efficiency Services should contact the Energy Specialist assigned to them (or call World Energy at 617 340-9893) for questions about the transition.