On August 16, Mothers Out Front Newton is launching its 4th annual Gas Leak Tagging Campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of leaking gas to our homes, our health and our children’s future.

According to National Grid, there are now more than 900 gas pipeline leaks in Newton—300 more than reported last year. More than any city in Massachusetts except Boston. The actual number is likely much larger. See the Newton Gas Leak Map posted online at HEETMA.ORG.

Mothers Out Front volunteers will distribute signs throughout Newton to inform Newton residents that gas is not clean, not safe, and is a threat to our climate. It kills trees and utilities charge rate payers for the lost gas.

Mother Out Front works with local officials and legislators to support policies to fix the leaks and take meaningful climate action. The goal is to reduce the use of fossil fuels, to support local initiatives such as the Newton Climate Action Plan and for state legislation for clean renewable energy, energy efficiencies and environmental justice.

What we know:

  • ‘Natural gas’ is methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.
  • Methane leaks are a health and safety hazard.
  • Gas is deadly to trees.
  • Gas leaks cause air pollution and worsen climate change.
  • The utilities charge rate payers millions of dollars for the lost gas.

How you can help:

To volunteer to post signs, contact Barbara DiVitto at 617-527-7154(home) or 617-775-1109(cell). Learn more at Mothers Out Front Newton. Questions? Write to mothersoutfrontnewton@gmail.com.