Flame retardant chemicals that can be easily ingested and inhaled can found in kid’s products and upholstered furniture, even though they have been linked to cancer as well as learning and developmental disabilities. Firefighters are also at high risk for harmful exposure to flame retardants when they enter buildings where couches and other items containing them burn.

The MA Senate recently passed a bill that would ban 11 harmful flame retardants from upholstered furniture and kid’s products. This bill has a real chance of becoming law THIS SUMMER– if the House of Representatives acts on it before July 31.

Please send a message to your state representative NOW and ask him/her to work to pass the flame retardants bill!

The chemical industry is working hard to block the flame retardants bill so it can continue making a profit off of making people sick, so please share this message with your contacts from other Massachusetts communities.

For more information on S.2302 and H.4241, An act to protect children, families and firefighters from harmful flame retardants, go to the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow website.

Photo Above: Lobby Day at State House with Firefighters.