Through painting, photography and sculpture, this exhibition at the Newton Art Center (61 Washington Park, Newton) explores the physical and psychological relationships between humans and our ever changing climate.

Gallery hours are Tuesdays-Fridays from 1-6pm and Saturdays from 11am-4pm. On exhibit until October 26 with a panel discussion on Saturday, October 27 at 1pm.  All are welcome!


The artworks in Expanse draws on imagery from nature, to investigate the curiosities we have as humans, living in an ever-changing world. Various forms of life continue to be discovered all over our planet. As our climate shifts, ecosystems on land and in the water are affected. Our human efficiency and desire for growth lead to the development and inhabitation of wild spaces, pushing indigenous plants and organisms out. How do we choose to perceive these changes and how do these physical changes in our environments affect how we think?

The artists in this exhibition have a shared interest in the diversity and wonder of our geography. Through painting, photography, and sculpture, these works are devoid of humans yet capture the emotions we have, through atmosphere, light, and form. It is collection of specimens and indiscernible moments in time.

The interrelationship between asserting control on our environment and the wildness of our planet and weather is complex.  What impact do we have on different ecologies and how do we navigate our relationships with them? The works in this exhibition present the intricacies and beauty present in the relationships humans have, both physically and psychologically, with our environments.

Curatorial Opportunity Program (COP) exhibition curated by Rachel Eng. Featuring: Rachel Eng, Shoshannah White, and Ashley Eliza Williams