Each year, April kicks off Green Energy Consumer Alliance’s renewable energy tour and electric car showcase season. Join GECA at the April electric car showcases – because your next car should be electric!

Earth Day doesn’t end on April 23! Events kickoff Saturday, April 27:

  • Winchester Town Green, 1pm – 3pm 
  • Braintree Town Hall, 11am – 2pm
  • Quincy, Faxon Park, 1pm – 4pm
  • Concord, 10:30am – 2pm

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Why drop by?

These events are a great opportunity to talk to electric-car owners, ask questions, and see what it’s really like to drive electric. If Massachusetts is going to meet its climate goals, then transportation-related emissions need to be addressed, and you can help make a difference. 

So what better way to celebrate Earth Month than to learn about how you can reduce your own carbon footprint by driving electric?