WBUR’s Barbara Moran published a three-week newsletter “Cooked: the search for sustainable eats,” after investigating how our food choices affect the environment. As a follow up to her newsletter, she has compiled a list of 10 takeaways on how to make food choices that are better for the environment. Among her suggestions:

  1. Eat less beef.
  2. Grass-fed beef has a higher carbon footprint than conventional beef, but it can be better for the planet in other ways.
  3. Vegan food-substitutes have lower environmental impacts than their real-life counterparts.
  4. A lot of the research showing the environmental superiority of vegan food substitutes was funded by companies that make vegan food substitutes.
  5. If you want to drink fake milk, drink whatever fake milk you want.
    [See the remaining 5 takeaways.]