Electric vehicle with outdoor charger

Whether you have a detached garage or no garage, there are many options for installing a charging station at home. We sat down with Nancy M. in Newton Highlands to chat about her Volvo XC40 and her great outdoor charging setup.

Q: Why did you decide to get an electric car?
A: I was getting a new car (my car was leased). I wanted the same exact car and I don’t drive that many miles so I decided electric was the way to go.

Q: Did you have any concerns about needing an outdoor charger?
A: No. I had someone who was readily available to do it for me who I trusted. And he did it, did it in time, and it’s been perfect ever since. And I’ve had no issues with it over the winter months.

Q: I see the charger is its own stand. Did they have to construct that for you and why?
A: They did have to construct it and the reason being is that I didn’t want to have to climb into my bushes. It could have been attached to the house but in the wintertime when the snow is there I’m not going to shovel into the bushes. My electrician was wonderful, he did it with copper piping and everything.

Q: Did the electrician suggest doing it this way?
A: It was a combined discussion. We talked about it and we figured out where the right place would be considering where the driveway is and where the car was going to be parked.

Q: What’s your favorite part about driving an electric car?
A: I love one pedal driving. I love it. I never use a brake! It’s something you have to get used to but I never use a brake, I always use one pedal driving. Some people I know have trouble with it so they just don’t go into that mode.

Residential outdoor charging station in the Newton Highlands