Don’t Confuse CleanChoice Energy with the City’s Vetted Electricity Plan Newton Power Choice

Residents have been informing Green Newton that their electricity costs have roughly doubled after signing contracts with CleanChoice Energy, an electricity supplier that has been blanketing our community with deceptive letters and emails. Attorney General Maura Healey has published reports on how Massachusetts residents who contract individually with certain electricity suppliers continue to lose millions of dollars per year due to bad deals.

Do not confuse CleanChoice Energy with the City of Newton’s vetted electricity plan, Newton Power Choice. We recommend reviewing your electricity bill to check your kWh (kilowatt hour) rate, and to see if CleanChoice Energy is your supplier. If your rate is way higher than Newton Power Choice, you can call the CleanChoice Energy phone number on your Eversource bill to cancel the contract and then go to to sign up.

Compare the cost per kilowatt hour that appears on the back of a recent solicitation letter from CleanChoice Energy to the costs per kilowatt hour of lower Newton Power Choice rates below. A recent CleanChoice letter states, “Our rate is for your electricity supply service and does not include any additional tax, distribution service changes, or other Utility fee or Charge. Supplier rates are not regulated. You will receive a variable supply rate with an introductory price for the first three monthly billing cycles. CleanChoice Energy’s current introductory energy supply rate is 22.50 ¢/kWh. After that time, your price is subject to change monthly based on a number of costs…”

Now compare that to the Newton Power Choice rates below:

Assuming you use 550 kWh of electricity per month (i.e. the median non-low-income Newton use), Newton Power Choice will save you the following amounts relative to Clean Choice Energy at 22.50 ¢/kWh:

  • $49/month at the NPC Standard/Default level
  • $44/month at the NPC 100% Green level
  • $65/month at the NPC Basic level

Keep in mind that with Newton Power Choice, or other electricity suppliers, Eversource delivers the electricity to your home. Customers continue to contact Eversource for power issues and you would continue to receive your bills through Eversource. The difference with Newton Power Choice is that the City of Newton selects the supplier of the electricity for customers rather than leaving it up to the utility.

By choosing Newton Power Choice as your supplier, you are supporting the local New England renewable energy industry. Competitive suppliers often rely on renewable energy credits from out of state. For more information on avoiding predatory energy solicitations, read “Avoid Getting Green Washed.”

Beware of offers like this that look attractive on the surface but may cost you more down the road.