My name is Abigail Miller. I am in tenth grade at Newton South High School. Right now, I am running an instrument donation drive, because I really enjoy playing music and hope that I can help others get the chance to love it as much as I do. Through a partnership with Berklee College of Music, the instruments I collect will be donated to local nonprofit organizations and schools who provide music education to underserved populations. Berklee’s Office of Community and Government relations oversees a donation program to donate quality computer hardware, musical instruments, and production equipment to communities in need. Examples of their partner organizations include the Boys and Girls Clubs, various Boston Public Schools, the Haley House, Girls Rock Campaign and several locations of YMCAs.

If you have instruments that you are no longer using and may like to donate, please contact me at For more information or questions, you can visit or shoot me an email.

Thank you very much!