Dan Ruben, Chairman of the Board for Green Newton, taught Green Newton’s Green Lifestyles course in the spring. In the 3 part course, participants learn how to reduce their use of energy (at home and in transportation), water, waste and toxins, and be a more eco-friendly consumer. They also discover new strategies for cutting their energy and water bills.  Since many were unable to participate in the courses, we are making Dan’s presentations available in this post.

How to Cut Your Carbon Footprint by 85%, April 2018
Put Your House In Order, Apr 2018

Dan has previously facilitated over 30 Household Eco-Teams and Low Carbon Diet Teams, and helped over 200 households live more sustainably. He trained the trainers of Low Carbon Diet Teams.

In his own life, Dan has reduced his fossil fuel use by over 80%.

As a professional, Dan is the president of Boston Green Tourism, an organization that educates hoteliers about reducing their properties’ use of fossil fuel, water, waste and toxins. Previously, he led an organization that brought environmental best practices to the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston.

If you are interested in participating in future Green Lifestyle course, please contact Dan.