Newton Highlands will be redesigned and the current plan will not have any safe bicycle accommodations, despite numerous public comments supporting safe cycling. It only has sharrows – these require bikers (including school kids who use this transit corridor) to merge into traffic. We ask you to comment here at the public comment tool to support safe cycling in Newton Highlands.

One of the non-preferred options, slide 11 of this presentation (plan A), does have protected bike lanes on Walnut. Make sure to mention this in your comments if you support safe cycling.

This area is a critical infrastructure corridor to the Highlands T station, particularly for the new developments on Needham St, which will include bike lanes to all the way under Route 9. It will be a loss to have protected cycling lanes through Needham St only to lose them in Newton Highlands, a few blocks from the T station.

Please provide feedback here! It can be as simple as stating that you would like protected bike lanes throughout Newton Highlands.

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