Wednesday, May 10 from 1-2pm. Massachusetts State House, Rm 428.

Join Mothers Out Front at the MA State House to show support for the Future of Clean Heat briefing, ┬áSenator Cynthia Creem’s bill on clean energy transformation. Please email to carpool or ride the T together with MOF Newton members.

The Future of Clean Heat Act (H.3203, S.2105) provides an efficient and equitable transition over the next 25 years from heating with fossil fuels to heating and cooling with non-combusting, non-emitting renewable sources of thermal energy. It requires gas companies to plan this strategic transition, neighborhood by neighborhood, by installing as appropriate either networked geothermal ground source heat pumps or electric air source heat pumps.

This is an opportunity for state legislators to learn about this vital bill from its sponsors, Senator Cynthia Stone Creem and Representatives Steve Owens and Jennifer Armini and experts on the clean energy transition.

It is an important time for activists to show our strong support and talk about the bill with our legislators. So shirt up and show up, and tell your legislator that you will look to speak with them at the briefing.