Sunday, June 4 from 12-4pm. Garland Road, Newton.

Thinking about home energy projects like solar, heat pumps, insulation, or driving electric? Ask a neighbor about their experience at the Sustainable Street Tour on Garland Road in Newton. Stroll down the street between Beacon and Homer to chat with residents who have completed projects. Take a look at a heat pump installation in a home, see where EV chargers are located, and what equipment you need to make space for inside and outside the home. Here’s what some of our participating Garland Road neighbors are saying:

  • “Our heat pump cut our carbon footprint by 52%.”
  • “Solar + e-bike = conquering hills and excuses.”
  • “Our EV cut my fuel costs 80%, my maintenance costs 75%.”
  • “We’ve substantially lowered gas costs since we got the hybrid plug-in Prius.”
  • “With my solar system, I haven’t paid an electric bill in over 8 years.”
  • “Our yard is a habitat for over 140 species and 100’s of lbs of veggies.”

There will also be expert volunteers on hand to answer questions about the increased incentives in 2023 for adding insulation, heat pumps, EVs, solar panels, etc. to your life, and to guide you in finding a qualified installer.

Turn onto Garland Road (off Homer St. or Beacon St.) in Newton and stop by a welcome tent to get started on the tour. Most of the homeowners and experts will be available outdoors.

Garland Map v2

The tour is an initiative of Garland Road residents in partnership with the City’s 4 Our Future program.