Call Governor Baker and Tell Him to Speak Up on Climate Policy

The following is an Action Alert from our friends at 350 Mass.

Please call Governor Baker and ask him to speak out against Trump’s dangerous actions on climate and get our state back on track to meet our own carbon reduction goals.

Trump just undid the Clean Power Plan, a critical part of our country’s plan to address the climate crisis. This is a key moment for state leaders to stand up for our livable climate future, but since Trump’s election, Gov. Baker has played it safe by staying silent.

Call Gov. Baker at 617-725-4005 and let him know it’s time to #SpeakUpCharlie. (If an aide is not available, it still counts to leave a message!) Use these talking points or your own words:

  • Introduce yourself and provide your address.
  • Trump recently announced his plan to undo the Clean Power Plan, putting our country on the climate disaster fast track, and yet again Governor Baker remains silent.
  • I want my governor to show leadership and: 1) denounce the Trump administration’s dangerous energy policy and 2) get our state back on track to meet 25% carbon reduction by 2020 as required by Massachusetts law.
  • Thank the staff person for her or his time.

NOTE: Baker aides have been responding to our callers with examples of small steps Baker has taken on climate. If this happens when you call, you can counter that whatever he’s doing obviously isn’t enough because Massachusetts still isn’t on track to meet our state’s requirement of a 25% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020!

California’s Gov. Jerry Brown is preparing for a legal showdown with the federal government to protect the state’s stricter auto emission standards, with state leaders like New York’s Andrew Cuomo standing by his side, and that’s just one example. Massachusetts deserves a Governor willing to denounce dangerous actions against climate, and show us that we can do our part for a livable climate future, no matter what happens at the federal level. We can make progress as a state if we hold our leaders accountable and demand no less than bold leadership on climate.