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Building to Net Zero: Massachusetts Energy Codes

Monday, April 22 from 12-12:45pm
The Commonwealth is charting a path to a fossil-free future, but the road ahead is anything but smooth. In Boston, Mayor Wu’s administration faces pressure from both developers and climate advocates around addressing the role buildings play in driving climate change. Climate reporter Sabrina Shankman moderates a panel considering the challenges and requirements of getting to net-zero buildings.

Revolutionizing the Waste Stream

Tuesday, April 23 from 2-2:45pm
Where does our waste go, and (perhaps more importantly) how soon will we run out of room? Reporter Ivy Scott talks with some of the key players revolutionizing the future of waste management in Greater Boston and considers how the waste stream might evolve with innovative technologies and policies.

Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm

Wednesday, April 24 from 10-10:30am

Join Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm of the U.S. Department of Energy in a fireside chat with reporter Sabrina Shankman as they discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of the clean energy transition. From successes to missteps and challenges, they’ll consider the progress made thus far and envision what the future of sustainable energy might look like.

Care Means the World: Embracing Sustainability in Healthcare

Tuesday, April 23 from 12-1pm

The environmental impact that healthcare has on our planet is significant. There is a pressing need within the healthcare industry to prioritize environmental responsibility, and numerous initiatives and strategies are being implemented to tackle this significant challenge. This webinar aims to educate and inspire participants with examples of how those at the forefront are driving sustainable change in the healthcare industry, illustrating how we can care for patients while simultaneously reducing healthcare’s footprint.

How Can We Live More Sustainably?

Wednesday, April 24 from 2-2:45pm
How many pairs of jeans do you really need in your wardrobe? How can you cut down on plastic purchases? And does it even make a difference? Questions like this abound when trying to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Reporter Erin Douglas talks with local sustainability leaders about practical tips for fighting the climate crisis in our homes, closets and shopping carts, and whether individual action can spark cultural and global change.

Sustainability at Scale—What We Can Learn from the Companies Getting it Right

Thursday, April 25 from 10-10:45am

Join us for a panel discussion to delve into the strategies and successes of leading companies in driving global sustainability at scale. Gain insights from industry leaders who will share their experiences and how they overcame challenges, providing inspiration for businesses and individuals alike.