Too busy to make it to the Newton Resource Recovery Center to dispose of your electronics?

Starting in mid-November, Black Earth will be collecting electronics from Newton residents for recycling. Fill a paper grocery bag or equivalent-size box with small electronics for a nominal charge of $10. There is an additional fee for larger items. See the list of acceptable electronics and pricing.

You don’t have to be a compost collection customer to participate. For more details and to sign up, go to the Black Earth Composting website.

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Prepare Items for Home Collection:

Please gather electronics prior to placing order. If you find additional items after you place your order, ¬†you can modify your order at any point by contacting Black Earth. Items should be left on a front porch or another area protected from moisture that our driver can access. Please write ‘For Black Earth Compost’ on your bag or box. Be sure to protect your information by erasing any personal data on your equipment.