Join Green Newton for our latest talk, ‘Beautiful, Sustainable Gardens,’ in the Druker Auditorium of the Newton Free Library (330 Homer St., Newton) on Monday, June 10 at 7pm.

By using sustainable techniques, we can have beautiful gardens that are also environmentally friendly. In 2011, Rebecca Warner started to overhaul her garden practices to align her gardening with her environmental principles. Rebecca’s talk will describe how she’s adjusted an approach to everything from soil improvement, plant choices, and planting techniques to lawn care and watering. She will offer simple techniques for composting, making mulch from free materials found close to home, sequestering carbon with no-till planting, making peat-free potting mix, supporting biodiversity with native plants, conserving water, preventing stormwater runoff, and replacing some of your lawn with attractive alternatives.

Rebecca’s book, The Sustainable-Enough Garden, is based on 30 years of experience gardening in Auburndale. She blogs weekly at