Our State Department of Energy Resources (DOER) has issued a straw proposal for a net zero building stretch code. Unfortunately, the proposal is unacceptably weak. DOER is welcoming public comment. Please write to DOER using the sample below, and customize it as you would like. Below the sample email are two references if you’d like to dig into the details.


To: stretchcode@mass.gov
Subject: Stretch Code Straw Proposal Comments

Dear DOER,

The Stretch Code Straw Proposal is much too weak. There are parts of the proposal that need strengthening, and at a minimum, it should:

  • conform to a published standard defining “net zero,”
  • apply to major renovations as well as new construction,
  • mandate electrification or renewable energy,
  • account for or curb embodied carbon emissions related to construction,
  • improve energy efficiency standards to support Passive House or net zero buildings, and
  • incentivize green communities to adopt the opt-in stretch code.

I urge you to write a new proposal that actually conforms to the intent of the Act that created the requirement for a new Stretch Code.

Thank you very much.

Your Signature



References for detailed information: