Please contact your State Representative now in support of the Children and Firefighters Protection Act.

On September 19, 2019, the Massachusetts Senate voted unanimously (38-0) to pass the Children and Firefighters Protection Act! Now the House must take action in order for the bill to move forward. Let your State Representative know that you want a ban on toxic flame retardants!

The Children and Firefighters Protection Act bans 11 toxic flame retardant chemicals from children’s products, mattresses, residential furniture, carpeting and window coverings. By passing the flame retardant ban in their first hearing of the fall session, Massachusetts Senators have made it clear that banning toxic flame retardants is a priority. Let’s ask the House to join them.

PLEASE EMAIL your representative and tell them you want the House to pass H.3500/S.2338, the Act to Protect Children, Families and Firefighters.

Go to the Clean Water Action website to find and email your state representative.