There are critical bills coming up in the Massachusetts State House in the next few days that can forward environmental policy for years to come. If these bills aren’t passed by tomorrow, we likely won’t see climate or resilience state legislation for 2 years. Please take a few minutes to send your representative an email or call by phone TODAY to let them know how important it is to you that these bills pass.

Below is a sample letter that you can use, and you can find your legislator HERE.


Dear Representative ____,

I know climate legislation is important to you given our climate emergency. The legislature has an opportunity to take bold action in the next day or so day to pass legislation that will help to rebuild our economy investing in energy efficiency and renewable and transitioning from away from fossil fuels in a way that benefits all communities and ensures equity. We simply can’t afford to wait.

COVID -19 has been challenging for all of us, but particularly for front line communities of color.  Climate change will be many times more disruptive to the Massachusetts economy and will even more dramatically affect lower income families and communities of color. And there is no vaccine for climate change.

I recognize that last minute changes are being made to add climate provisions to various pieces of legislation. I urge you to support these additions and to make sure speaker DeLeo and other House leadership knows this is critically important to your constituents.

We have to act now!

  •  Support Rep. Driscoll’s “Green Recovery” amendment (#163), when offered to the economic development bill (H.4879)
  • Contact House Leadership now, to urge that the EJ bill and the Roadmap bill be brought to a vote (currently in Ways & Means).
  • Support the environmental justice bill (H.4264) when brought to the House floor.
  • Likely being discussed Wednesday: Support the Roadmap bill (H.3983) (and certain amendments likely to be offered).
  •  If the 100% renewable energy bill (H.2836/S.1958)or similar language is introduced as an amendment to some other bill, please support it.

I worry about the world our children will inherit.  Let’s invest in their future and position our economy to build up clean jobs, not dirty ones.  Let’s pay particular attention to the most vulnerable in Massachusetts in those efforts.


[Your name]

[Your address]