By March 2022, the companies that deliver gas to our homes and buildings must submit plans to government regulators to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to net zero. This is a key moment for us — utility customers must push for the solutions we need to ensure a livable future for ourselves and future generations.

“Natural” gas is an explosive, unhealthy, heat-trapping gas and has no place in a clean energy future.

The future we need is possible now, and we, as customers, must demand bold action. All-electric technologies exist today that are non-explosive and without the health and climate risks of gas, oil, propane, and other fossil fuels.

Utility company executives must partner with their workforce, government leaders, and customers to lead this transition. The conversion from natural gas will require large investments in infrastructure and building upgrades, and there are ways we can redirect resources to pay for it. Let’s spend customers’ dollars — our dollars — on renewable, healthy energy infrastructure instead of the outdated and dangerous infrastructure of the past.

Sign the petition and ask your gas utility to align their plan with the Future of Clean Heat Platform!