The MBTA released its proposed Capital Investment Plan (CIP) for 2024-28. It does little to address climate change or social justice (charts below on funding for diesel vs electric trains and buses). This year’s Capital Investment Plan (the MBTA’s 5 year infrastructure plan) fails to make meaningful progress on key projects likeĀ  Regional Rail, Red-Blue Connector, and bus electrification.

Tell the MBTA to go back to the drawing board and deliver a better CIP. Your comments matter. The 300 comments TransitMatters friends and volunteers submitted in 2018 pushed the agency to triple the amount of funding for the Red-Blue Connector and enabled the progress we see today. But it’s not enough! We have to continue to press the agency to make real commitments.

Please sign the Transit Matters petition to the Governor and MBTA Board before Monday, April 24.