PFAS are a class of over 12,000 chemicals that are toxic at low levels. Unfortunately, despite their toxicity, they are still used in many things we use every day like clothing, dental floss, food packaging, cookware, personal care products, and more as well as in firefighting gear and firefighting foam. These chemicals have contaminated drinking water throughout our state.

The solution? There is legislation pending in Massachusetts to ban PFAS from a wide range of consumer products: An Act to protect Massachusetts public health from PFAS (S1356/H2197). This bill will get PFAS out of many products by 2026 and even more by 2030; cut industrial discharges of PFAS to water; and set up a fund to help communities test and treat for PFAS in drinking water, soil, and groundwater. Passage of the bill will significantly reduce our exposure to toxic PFAS and prevent contamination from getting worse.

Urge the Joint Committee on Public Health to pass An Act to protect Massachusetts public health from PFAS. Sign the petition.


Headline image by Clean Water Action.