Just days ago, state lawmakers passed a climate bill with overwhelming bipartisan support that will help transition Massachusetts to renewable energy. All that stands between the Commonwealth and climate action is Governor Baker’s signature.

Tell Governor Baker: Sign the climate bill.

With heat waves like the one we’re currently experiencing becoming more frequent and intense, Massachusetts can’t afford to delay when it comes to acting on climate change.1

This bill would increase the use of solar power, put more electric vehicles on the road, and improve the energy efficiency of homes and businesses.2 Passing this legislation would be a big step toward powering Massachusetts with 100% clean energy.

Urge Governor Baker to sign this critical climate bill before the end of the session.

The governor only has until July 31 to sign the bill into law. Signing this climate bill should be a no-brainer — but powerful special interests have said they oppose policies to phase out fossil fuels in our buildings.3

Unless clean energy supporters like you speak up, Governor Baker could veto the bill and we might not get another shot to pass climate legislation for years.

Add your name: help push this climate bill over the finish line.

Tell the Governor to Sign



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