Action Alert – Ask Governor Baker to Stand up for our Coast

President Trump’s administration recently announced plans to open up vast regions of the ocean to oil drilling — including an area off the coast of Massachusetts. Since then, governors of other states have spoken in opposition to the drilling plan, because oil drilling is inherently dirty and dangerous. That’s why all 11 members of Massachusetts’ congressional delegation signed a letter opposing the drilling plan.

Governor Baker’s voice could make a big difference. When Florida’s governor voiced his opposition to the drilling plan, the Trump administration announced that Florida would be off-limits to drilling.

Please call Governor Baker at 617-725-4005 to speak out against drilling near our Massachusetts coast.

Sample message: I’m concerned about the Trump administration’s proposal to open up Georges Bank off the coast of Massachusetts to offshore oil drilling. This drilling would endanger fish, whales, and other marine wildlife, and put our beaches from Cape Cod to the North Shore at risk. Thank you for opposing offshore drilling in the past. Please speak out forcefully against offshore drilling, and please do all you can to prevent oil drilling off the coast of Massachusetts.