As induction stoves become more widely available, professional chefs are praising the capabilities of this clean electric technology. Check out the December 9 post on, ” TikTok chef Jon Kung on why he prefers induction to gas stoves.”

Induction stoves are recommended in the push to mitigate climate change because they are cleaner high performing alternatives to gas stove. However, they are also increasingly recommended because of growing research around the ill effects of gas stoves on indoor air quality and human health.

Borrow Before You Buy

Are you curious about induction cooktops? Now you can borrow one from the Newton Free Library, just like you’d borrow a book.  The library’s package includes an induction cooktop, a pot with a lid, and an instruction booklet. The induction cooktop is listed in the household tool section of the Library of Things. The catalog link, where the cooktops can be requested, is here.

The pot included in the Library’s kit has a magnetic bottom that is designed for use with an induction cooktop. However, any pot with a magnetic bottom will do. If a magnet can stick to the bottom of your pot or pan, it will work.

Pay special attention when you first use an induction cooktop–the pan will heat up much faster than on conventional gas or electric resistance cooktops!

The induction cooktop kit was donated by Green Newton to the Library, as part of the City’s implementation of its Climate Action Plan.