On Wednesday, April 18 at 7pm at Newton City Hall in Room 211/Chamber, please come and show your support for a proposed ban of disposable polystyrene food containers in Newton. These are the ‘Styrofoam’ takeout containers, cups, plates, etc. which are hazardous to our health and detrimental to the environment.

Councilors Vicki Danberg, Susan Albright, Emily Norton, Deborah Crossley, Alison Leary, and David Kalis re-docketed an item for the Programs and Services Committee to review a proposed ordinance requesting a prohibition on polystyrene-based disposable food or beverage containers in the City of Newton if that packaging takes place on the premises of food establishments within the City. The proposal was brought in front of the Programs and Services Committee on November 8, but was postponed when Dunkin Donuts and Blue Ribbon BBQ protested the proposal and further research into viable alternatives was requested.

23 communities across Massachusetts have already banned polystyrene. Read about the risks associated with this material:

polystyrene–health effects