Action Alert: Let Governor Baker Know Cuts to Environmental Programs Cannot be Tolerated

The following is a call to action by the Environmental League of Massachusetts. Green Newton urges you to take action and let the Governor’s office (617-725-4005) know that cuts to programs protecting our environment and public health will not be tolerated.


On December 6, the Governor issued $98 million in cuts to spending for the current fiscal year, FY17.  And get this — almost 10% of them were to environmental programs. These cuts, coming in the middle of the fiscal year, are allowed when the Governor anticipates there will be a revenue shortfall.

Here is ELM’s reaction to the Governor’s 9C cuts, which we have just sent to the media and Legislature:

The Governor’s 9C budget cuts disproportionately devastate agencies protecting our environment and public health.  The cuts will have a negative impact on the state’s ability to fulfill its responsibilities, both environmentally and economically.  Our future growth requires clean water and the safe clean-up of contaminated sites, particularly in our Gateway Cities.  Our public health requires clean air to slow the growth of childhood asthma.  And working families who cannot ‘jet away’ for exotic vacations need our nearby parks and recreation areas.  The $9 million worth of budget cuts to environmental programs may seem small, but represents almost 10% of the Governor’s $ 98 million of 9C cuts.   This comes on top of a 30% reduction in state spending on environmental protection since 2008.  State agencies such as DEP and DCR are on the verge of dysfunction.  State spending on environmental agencies in the aggregate represents only  .5%, half of one percent of the overall state budget, an infinitesimal number.  With these cuts we continue to move in the wrong direction.

George Bachrach, President & Erica Mattison, Legislative Director
Environmental League of Massachusetts

Got 5 minutes? Take action this week!
  1. Call the Governor’s office and express your concern about the disproportionate environmental budget cuts: 617-725-4005.
  2. Call your State Representative and State Senator to urge the legislature to restore the funding to environmental programs. Find out who they are. (You could send an e-mail, but phone calls tend to get more attention because they are less common.)
  3. Let us know you took action. Email our Legislative Director Erica Mattison to let us know who you contacted and what kind of response you received.