Wellesley’s Natural Resources Commission (NRC) is working with SaveOhno to turn your old/ spare t-shirts into reusable shopping bags. Wellesley is looking to ban single-use plastic bags in the near future, and reusable shopping bags are much more sustainable than paper bags. It’s even more sustainable if the bags themselves are recycled – out of your old or spare t-shirts.

So, if you have some good condition, clean t-shirts that you never wear, or even better, have a pile left over from an old event or promotion, please share them.

SaveOhno is an award-winning start-up which encourages action on climate and next week [beginningMar 21] dozens of Babson students will earn SaveOhno points by making shopping bags and they need the t-shirts for them to convert. If you have five or more then please send an email to info@sustainablewellesley.com saying how many t-shirts you want to donate and we will arrange pick up/drop off.

If you know someone sitting on a pile of “Save The Clock Tower 1955” t-shirts or similar then please pass this on to them, and thank you! Every donor will receive a free t-shirt-bag.

Feel free to email Sustainable Wellesley if you want to know how to do this DIY project too.