All throughout Earth Month we are bringing you information about the City of Newton’s ‘4 Our Future’ campaign – the four top climate actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint: Insulate to the Max, Upgrade Heating and Cooling, Drive Electric, and Go Solar. If you’ve already insulated and air sealed your home, the next thing to start thinking about is installing a heat pump for your heating and cooling needs.

Heat pumps are efficient, quiet, and better for the environment. Mass Save recently announced new financial incentives for converting to heat pumps that make switching very appealing, especially for the >70% of Newton homes with gas heating systems. In previous years, gas homes had lower incentives available than those with oil, propane, or electric baseboard heating systems, but now improved financial incentives are available regardless of what system you currently have:

  • For a whole-home heat pump system: Rebate of $10,000 for converting to air source heat pumps as the sole source of heating in your home
  • For a partial heat pump system: Rebate of $1,250 per ton of capacity installed using qualifying equipment (a typical Newton home uses just over 3 tons of capacity)

These updated rebates can help cover 25-50% of the total installation cost, and can be financed at 0% interest for up to 7 years with a Mass Save HEAT loan.

To learn more about the incentives or to get proposals from the City of Newton’s vetted installers, visit the HeatSmart Newton website or email

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Also, be sure to stop by Newton’s Earth Day Festival on Sunday, April 24 from 1-4pm where the City of Newton vetted heat pump installers, New England Ductless and Muirfield Mechanical, will be present to answer all your questions about heat pumps!