It was an unusual and challenging Farmers’ Market season this year with the pandemic restrictions facing everyone! This year’s market started with the rescue of a baby duck from a drain on the first day — it found a new home with a customer within an hour!! We also dog-sat several new canine friends and also collected at least another 100 corks for recycling. We also had fun staffing the new Pre-Order Pick-up stand and making new friends each week.

FM 2020 Student Volunteers: Ahona Dam, Michael Fizek, Misha Goldfarb, Nicola Hensch, Alex Matsuyasu, Kevin McCabe, Myles Oo, Max Peterson, Owen Peterson, Julian Phillips, Giulia Puppin, Maggie Schofield, Eva Shimkus, Max Solon, Shanae Venter, Elizabeth Weaver, Allison Wu, Anna Zeren and Ari Zeren

And of course, many thanks to FM Manager Judy Dore, Maureen Connell, Holly Peterson, the Farmers’ Market Staff, and all the wonderful friendly vendors this year!