It was a great Farmers Market season this year! We oversaw many itty-bitty critters, including “Big Fat Grg” the woolly bear caterpillar and the infamous tomato horn-worms. Our arts and crafts projects included origami butterflies and colorful caterpillars. Toddlers loved the stuffed vegetable toys and Scout (aka “Baby Bear”) the polar bear. For our canine friends, we had

Water for Good Dogs infused with fish ice from the fish vendor, and our wine cork recycling collection which proved strangely attractive to passing dogs! And we had lots of information for our grown-up visitors as well!

This year’s student crew includes: Roz Aronow, Ilan and Liza Friedman, Daniel Gliksberg, Lukas Hanenberger, David Karp, Coral Lin, Carolyn Luo, Julian Phillips, Sam Silver and Jake Wright.

Thanks also to Lauren Berman, Tom Boyd, Marcia Cooper, Lucia Dolan, Michael Fizek, John Garabedian, Eric Olson, Naomi Osher, Nathan Phillips, James Purdy and Meg Silver.

And thanks as well to everyone who contributed caterpillars and other wildlife this summer, with special appreciation to Market Manager Judy Dore, Assistant Manager Maureen Connell and their staff for all their help and good spirits.

Thanks to Margaret Ford for bringing her wonderful spirit to the Green Newton Farmers Market tent year after year.