2017 Newton Farmers Markets – Thank You!

Another great summer at the Farmers Markets – our “weather committee” kept it nice July to October at both markets! Many thanks to our new and returning volunteers of all ages who greeted visitors at Green Newton’s booth with information and activities on “being green;” introduced our caterpillar friends, origami butterflies, coloring
projects; and read books to the polar bear! Thanks also to the farmers and vendors, and especially Wally’s Ice Cream – along with the friendly visiting dogs who lapped up our Water for Good Dogs (flavored with fish ice)!

This year’s student crew included: Roz Aronow, Jordan and Raina Bornstein, Max Chalfin-

Students for a Greener World
and Green Newton interns have fun
at the Farmers Markets all year with the polar bear

Jacobs, Dorothy Dolan, Ilan and Liza Friedman, Lukas Hanenberger, Nastassja and Paul Holm, Rafid Islam, David Karp, Fiona Kean, Stefan Lachenmann, Armando Machado Jr., Jamie O’Neil, Sam Silver, Melissa Sullivan. Our Green Newton Mayor’s interns were Rachel Gamburg and Sophia Zhou. Thanks also to Marcia Cooper, Lucia Dolan, Michael Fizek, John Garabedian, Maureen Kean, Lisa Fleischman, Eric Olson, Naomi Osher and Meg Silver.

This year’s success was bittersweet due to the passing of ourever-faithful colleague Maeve Ward in June 2017.  She will be missed by all of us and her many friends who visited with her on Tuesdays at the Cold Spring Park market.

Thanks also to everyone who contributed caterpillars and other wildlife this summer, with special appreciation to Market Manager Judy Dore, Assistant Manager Maureen Connell and their staff for all their help and good spirits.

By Margaret Ford, FM coordinator