WBUR is publishing a series of 6 articles on food and sustainability written by Barbara Moran called “Cooked: the search for sustainable eats.” The description states,”In three weeks, you’ll understand how to reduce your impact on climate change and take actionable steps so YOU can make a difference.” You can sign up for the free newsletter series here.

The second article is on veganism, and though it begins with the line, “Let’s face it: Vegans have an image problem,” the conclusion of their analysis into different meat and non-meat based protein sources is that, “Vegan meat, milk, eggs and cheese have a lower environmental impact than the real thing. But there’s more research to be done.” Get tips on trying vegan dishes out and a personal account by WBUR’s Barbara Moran on trying it out herself for a month.

Check out the latest article, “Day 2: Do I Have to Go Vegan?

Here is the complete agenda:

  • Day 1: Is there a place for meat?
  • Day 2: Do I have to go vegan?
  • Day 3: Does local really matter?
  • Day 4: What makes seafood sustainable?
  • Day 5: How can I throw away less food?
  • Day 6: Can we change how we think about food, our planet and ourselves?