Stephanie Horowitz of ZeroEnergy Design joins hosts of the podcast Builder’s Notebook, Sarah Lawson and Bruce Irving, to discuss the differences between high-performance, net zero, and passive homes and what it takes to design them. Stephanie, Sarah and Bruce also share their knowledge on updating an older home to make it more energy efficient, and why windows can make a world of a difference.

The Podcast Builder’s Notebook shares practical advice to help listeners make informed and intelligent decisions about renovating or building a home. Hosted by Sarah Lawson and Bruce Irving, this informative, nuts and bolts series on home design, construction, and renovation will welcome industry experts and touch on a variety of topics.

ZeroEnergy Design is a full service architecture practice that designs new construction and major renovations of modern green homes and buildings pursuing exceptional energy performance. For projects in need of energy services exclusively, ZED’s Mechanical Design Practice helps other professionals achieve exceptional energy performance targets such as Passive House, Net Zero Energy, Net Positive Energy, and Zero Fossil Fuel Consumption.