In 2021, the Massachusetts legislature passed the Next Generation Roadmap and Governor Baker signed it into law. The Next Generation Roadmap is a comprehensive approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and establishing greater environmental justice. The law sets a goal of having Massachusetts be “net zero” on climate emissions by 2050, and establishes benchmarks towards that goal, with full reports on progress in five year increments. This bill puts Massachusetts among a handful of states with a strong commitment to addressing climate change.

In this online presentation on Thursday, January 20 at 7pm, 350 Mass Newton Node leader Mark Dyen will cover the outline of the Next Generation Roadmap and the the major bills that climate activists are promoting to clarify the path forward – to turn the Roadmap into a plan of action. He will focus on bills that will be key to taking emissions out of buildings – code upgrades to eliminate emissions in new buildings and retrofits of existing buildings to reduce or eliminate emissions – and save money.