The Center for EcoTechnology in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in California is recruiting participants for a study of the gas and electricity usage of home appliances. The project will involve installing non-intrusive meters on appliances for a 12-month period,  and the collected data will be used to further energy research.  Participants can earn up to $575 for taking part in a groundbreaking study that may have a major impact on residential energy efficiency for years to come.

To participate, please note the following points. We ask that you: 

  • own the home you primarily reside in; 
  • live in your home at least ten months of the year; 
  • have and use at least 2 gas-using appliances; 
  • speak English; 
  • are over eighteen years of age; 
  • and can confirm no known exposure to COVID. 

Please fill out this simple form if you are interested in learning more about the study. The project’s target demographic is Central to Eastern Mass homeowners served by both natural gas AND electric.