Most people who dream of an electric car are anxious about how far they can drive and if they can charge on road trips. This is known as ‘range anxiety’ and EV owners will tell you that it is not as big a deal as they thought before they got their EV. Many newer models of EVs are now get over 200 miles per charge, and convenient charging is everywhere you want to go. Apps like Plugshare and ChargePoint will help you find convenient places to charge.
Check out the maps below (courtesy of National Grid) of fun, local road trips you could take with charging along the way.
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Charge in:

Stockbridge (A)   –   Worchester (B)   –   Topsfield (C)   –   Newburyport (D)

Salem (E)   –   Boston (F)   –   Cape Cod (G)


Charge in:

Narragansett (A)   –   Providence (B)   –   Newport (C)