As part of the Zoning Redesign effort, the City of Newton has been asking residents to give input into how they imagine the future of their village centers. See the comments and polls that have been contributed through the online forum to date by other Newtonites. Resident input will inform the zoning reform changes currently being considered by the city.


Add your own thoughts to the voices!

Navigate to the online interactive forum where you’ll see statements written by other participants. Start by reading and voting on those statements. For each statement, you can Agree, Disagree, or Pass. You might decide to pass, for example, because a statement is repetitive, vague, or confusing, or it does not apply to you, or maybe the statement makes more than one point and you don’t agree with all of it.

At this point, there are hundreds of comments. You do NOT need to answer all of them! You can always come back later and pick up where you left off.

After you’ve voted on several statements, you should add your own if you didn’t see your point of view represented. To add your own statement, click in the field underneath the conversation, type your statement, and then click Submit.


If you want to give more input – complete a Vision Kit

Tell us what values should guide village center zoning updates through pictures and stories – either through the mobile Vision Kit or one you can print or use on your computer. This is a self-guided tour of a village center of your choice that can be done by yourself or with others. A set of prompts will ask you to reflect on what is currently there as well as what you would want to see in the future. See what Newtonians have already sent us, including observations and ideas from Newton North High School’s Sustainability Class!
Visit the City of Newton Zoning Redesign for more information.