We’re in the midst of our first heat wave of 2021, which means electricity demand is climbing as people across New England turn on their air conditioners. On peak days, the regional electricity grid operator turns on the oldest, most expensive, and dirtiest power plants to meet the high demand.

We need your help to ‘Shave the Peak’ during the peak window from 3-7pm tomorrow, June 8. Get ready to reduce electricity usage by turning up the thermostat a few degrees, making sure that electric vehicles or other electric devices are charged over the weekend, and delaying laundry or dishwashing til after the peak.

Curious about peak demand and why peak shaving is important? Green Energy Consumers Alliance is holding a webinar on Thursday, June 17 at 12pm and again at 7pm to talk about it! Learn more and get your questions answered.

More on the Shave the Peak Webinar

In the mean time, you can refresh yourself on what Shave the Peak is all about by reading the GECA program’s web page or one of their blogs below. Stay tuned for another blog update next week!

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