Please sign the online petition to urge the members of the Community Preservation Committee and the Newton City Council to approve Mayor Fuller’s proposal to acquire the portion of Webster Woods land owned by Boston College.

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The property in question is a large parcel of land once owned by the Mishkan Tefila temple, on Hammond Pond Parkway, that bisects the Webster Woods, the largest continuous tract of forest left in Newton.  The City owns wooded land directly to the north of this parcel; the state Department of Conservation owns land directly to the south.  This parcel is an inseparable part of the woods, with many trails that link to adjacent publicly owned forestland, and it includes a beautiful and environmentally sensitive vernal pool.

The Webster Woods are an irreplaceable resource, a peaceful refuge for anyone who wants to walk its trails and listen to birds surrounded by trees and rock ledges.  In increasingly unstable times, the Webster Woods offer the deeply steadying presence of the natural world.

If that property were to be developed by Boston College, there would likely be irreparable harm to the woods, the vernal pool, and to the quiet, recreational opportunities that these woods offer all Newton residents and others.

Then, share this message with your Newton friends and neighbors.